Members of the Executive Committe


Ib Chorkendorff 

Professor at DTU -Physics and head of section for Surface Science and Nanomaterials. He will, as Center Director, be responsible for the Villum Center towards the Villum Foundation. He will also be member of the Executive Committee. Furthermore, he will also be the lead PI for the experimental activities at Department of Physics with emphasis on the surface science approach and the use of mass-selected cluster/nanoparticles.

Tel.: +45 45 25 31 70


Jane H. Nielsen 

Professor and Director at DTU-Physics. As member of the Executive Committee she will be responsible for the experimental activities within the Villum Center. She is heading the STM group at DTU-Physics and her research will be devoted to the fundamental surface science investigation of structure and reactivity of single crystals and mass-selected nanoparticles.

Tel.: +45 45 25 32 22


Jens K. Nørskov 

Leland T. Edwards Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University. He will be the lead PI for the Stanford activities and as a member of the Executive Committee he will be responsible for the theory activity within the Villum Center and for the coordination of activities between Stanford and the other partners. His theoretical research will be encompassing all the processes of interest to the Villum Center with a special focus on the theoretical description of the N2 reduction process.

Tel.: (650) 723-8487